Our Projects

Solar PV Installations

These projects are based on existing technologies and are self-financed. The aim of this department is not only to execute commercially successful projects, such as Solar PV installations, but also to integrate different sustainable technology to maximize the positive socio-environmental impact, like is the case – for example – of the hydroponic or “off the grid” living.

R&D Projects

Renewable Energy

After developing is first 6 MW Solar PV project with Sertum Energy Namibia, Sertum Consulting has decided to invest in SC Research and Trading to develop existing technologies to improve the performance and commercial viability.

Gas treatment and value recovery from Routine Gas Flaring Reduction
(Flare Gas Valorization) and Biogas

One of our core values is to develop technologies and projects to recover energy where it is being wasted.

Having its roots both in the O&G and in the Renewable Energy industries, it I natural that a major area of focus is addressing the reduction of routine gas flaring.

Beside the extremely high environmental impact, an immense amount of energy is being wasted every day in the O&G industry by routine gas flaring, i.e. the flaring of the gas where it is uneconomical to collect, treat and commercialize this gas, due to limited quantities and/or difficulty in transportation.