Biochemical H2S Gas treatment
Removal of H2S by biochemical treatment


Removal of H2S in sour natural gas, biogas, landfill, etcetera. The process is based on bacteria that digests H2S and produce elemental sulphur, which is a non-hazardous by-product valuable in the agricultural industry where it is used directly as fertilizer.

Sertum Management have executed the largest project utilizing this technology in the O&G industry and now SCRT has adapted this technology to sulphur containing Biogas.


Environmentally friendly and safe disposal of H2S
Safer than traditional SRU plant (low pressure, low temperature)
Produces a valuable by-product
Non-Hazardous by-product
Easier operation
Adaptable to small/ medium scale application with lower capital and lower operating costs, compared to SRU

Status of the project: