Enanced Design of High Performance Digestor– (Biogas)


Anaerobic Digester are a well known technology to produce biogas. The High Performance Digester is an innovative design which does not have moving parts inside the digester, can greatly reduce the retention time, need of footprint and therefore improve the efficiency. By adapting the technology utilized in water treatment projects to this application, at SCRT we have already passed technical qualification in HPD public tenders and we have developed a new mixing concept which is being tested and it is expected to further increases the efficiency.

The project in now being carried on in cooperation with the University of Turin and cofounded by the PNRR.


Valorization of any type of organic waste
Smaller footprint and shorter retention time compared to traditional anaerobic digester
Innovative design further improve efficiency
Adaptable to small scale and modularization

Status of the project: