Routine Gas Flaring Reduction – H2S Flare Gas Energy recovery associated with Gypsum Production


The project is based on the valorization of the calorific value of H2S waste gas through an HSRG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) burning the H2S waste gas from O&G production stations, associated with the treatment of the flue gas rich in SO2 to produce Gypsum, a non- hazardous and valuable material as by-product.


Environmentally friendly and safe disposal of H2S
Energy positive (the plant produces the energy needed to operate plus a surplus)
Valuable by-product (Gypsum) which is non-hazardous and it is easy to handle, store and transport
Safer than traditional SRU plants because H2S is reduced to SO2 at the first step of the process
Easier operation
Adaptable to small/ medium scale application with lower capital and lower operating costs, compared to SRU

Status of the project: