Green Hydrogen Production (from Water Electrolysis and from Biogas)
Blue-Turquoise Hydrogen (Energy recovery from Routine Gas Flaring)

Hydrogen Production Green Hydrogen Production (Water Electrolysis and from Biogas) Blue Hydrogen (Energy recovery from Routine Gas Flaring) Description: Green hydrogen production is receiving a lot of attention as a key element for the transition from fossil based economy to sustainable economy. Experiments are ongoing to improve the efficiency of the water electrolysis. SCRT has […]

Enanced Design of High Performance Digestor– (Biogas)

Description: Anaerobic Digester are a well known technology to produce biogas. The High Performance Digester is an innovative design which does not have moving parts inside the digester, can greatly reduce the retention time, need of footprint and therefore improve the efficiency. By adapting the technology utilized in water treatment projects to this application, at […]